Have you ever broken a bone?

Welp, let’s start off with the first break, fell off a huge seesaw and fractured my humerus when I was 11. Had to defend myself against a bully…I was 12 and he was 16 and 5 times my size, he broke a couple of my fingers. I later re-broke those same fingers 2 more times…one defending myself against my neighbor and when I punched him back…my finger broke again. Second time, defending myself against my stepdad….broke the same fingers 3 times…I was 13 by then. When I was about 25, I was at a party with some friends. My one friend was so drunk, she stepped on my foot WITH HEELS ON…heel went right through my foot and broke multiple bones. And I got into a huge brawl with some drunk b*tches at a bar….the 3rd fight was at the gas station (yes, they just kept coming back for more). We were outnumbered and decided to throw hands anyways…it was like 6 of us and 20 of them. I must have thrown a punch wrong or something but ended up with a broken thumb. I’m just at the point now, if I break a finger, I get popsicle sticks and tape (it’ll heal soon.)

I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few breaks 😂🤣 I’ve had all kinds of injuries throughout my life and the saga continues.

2 responses to “Bones I’ve Broken”

  1. Patricia Asiimire Avatar

    Sorry you had to go through that.

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